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Son of Spiderman-Taken Leader

Son of Batman  Best fighter

Son/Daughter twins of loki Third and fourth in command 

Twin of Spiderman's son Open Second in command

Son of Flash fastest

Daughter of Wonder woman. Smartest

Daughter of the Hulk strongest

Daughter of Wolverine bravest





Name James Parker

Age 13

Siblings Twin of Spiderman's son

Crush Daughter of Loki

Appearance Brown hair, blue eyes, tall, tan skin

Superhero suit. Appearance Like his fathers

Superhero Nickname Twisted Spider

Personality Not easy to trust, smart, loyal, friendly, 

Spot 1 kid of Spiderman

Role in group Leader

Other has a dog.

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 Spiderman rules


I'm a Spirit animal reader

  Survivors dog

 Warrior Cat



and Goosebumps lover

I love all animals

#adopt a rescue