Hi Horizon fans, 


Remember when I asked you all to submit your questions on Horizon, and said that superstar author SCOTT WESTERFELD was going to answer them? Well, the wait is finally over:






You guys asked some AWESOME questions, so well done to you...am I right to think that we've got some aspiring writers in this forum?! You guys are THE coolest!!!


Anyway, without ANY more delay, I'll go ahead and share the super awesome answers to your fantastic questions!!!




Here are the answers to our Q&A with SCOTT WESTERFELD!!



Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?


A: Finish everything. It’s very tempting to give up on a story when you can’t figure out what happens next and move on to the next shiny idea. The problem with that habit is that you’ll get lots of practice at writing beginnings, some practice at writing middles, and none at writing endings! And endings are the hardest part. 




Q: Why did [redacted] have to die? Is Molly going to survive?


A: Horizon is a survival story, which means that death has to be a real possibility. And that means characters dying! But I promise not to kill *your* favorite character, so keep reading without fear!




Q: When is the second book coming out?


A: September this year! It's called DEADZONE and is by Jennifer A. Nielsen, who you may know from books like The False Prince and Mark of the Thief. 




Q: Which is your favorite character?


A: Yoshi and Molly. I can’t pick one. I love Molly’s smarts and teamwork skills. And I love Yoshi’s conflicted introspection and swordplay. It's kind of cool how different they are from each other. Molly is always trying to help (and be helped by) others, and Yoshi makes a fortress of himself.




Q: How many books will there be in the series?


A: Seven books, in seven different environments. The game will update for each one!




Q: How did you get your inspiration for Horizon?


A: I really like the book Hatchet, but I wanted a version with more characters, more geeky science, and more weird creatures. Because weirdness and geeks make everything better. 




Q: Who is behind the kidnapping?


A: No spoilers!  But trust me, it's not just a dream or an experiment or something fake like that. The stakes are real!




Q: In the podcast a desert was mentioned as the next stage of the game. In the game an audio recording describes a desert with bright red sand. Are these one and the same?


A: Well spotted! (But it's not like any desert you've ever seen before.)




Q: If you were a part of this group who survived the plane crash, what skills would you contribute to the team’s survival?


A: Witty repartee. Because without comedy, what's the point of living?




Q: Yoshi has an awesome katana sword! What inspired you to weave that into the story?


A: Yoshi has rejected his father, but the sword represents the fact that he's still connected to his Japanese heritage. Also, that Japanese law about not taking swords over 150 years old out of the country is really cool, and I wanted to write something about it. His sword is based on a real one in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, by the way. And the scabbard really is made of silk and shark skin.


Here's a picture:



Horizon Yoshi's Katana





How cool was it to hear Scott's answers? Not only am I on the edge of my seat and ready for book 2, hearing from Scott makes me want to read book 1 all over again!


Which one of his answers was YOUR favorite???


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Yoshi's one of my favorite characters too!

Can't wait for September 12 and DEADZONE! 

But what about future books and who are their authors?


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" I really like the book Hatchet, "


I remember reading that book many years ago.. I should read it again haha.

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I also like the book Hatchet

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Yoshi and Javi are my favorites! I like Akiko and Kira a lot too!

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WAIT that wasn't all my questions! what are the names of the kids who did the modeling for the cover of the book and how old are the fictional characters supposed to be?

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@blackcat7677: I don't know about the kids who modeled, but I think I've figured out a few of the ages. Here are my best guesses: 


Javi: 12-13

Molly: 12-13

Yoshi: 13

Anna: 12-13

Oliver: 10-11

Kira and Akiko: (are they twins? The book never actually says) 11

Caleb: 16-17 (?)

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I love horizon in general because it is creative and it really did remind me of the book hatchet. The book is really suspenseful and creative! Now that scot has told me it would be in a few more environments they will probably be rainforrest, dessert, snow, water???, all of them together and then home? Well i at least probably will get snow right well... we'll see 

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Why can't I play the game now? The screen remains black. Is it because it's updating?

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