Just wondering...but it would be cool if any1 did :D my username is sparklingdog, no caps, no spaces, and here's a summary and preview of my story A with an I!!

Summary: Kathleen, Keisha, Andrew, and Kyle. Regular kids living in the 2500s. Until, something strikes. Something powerful, something called A.I.


Kyle (actually him this time)
I hate the fact that I might have to do what Andrew says from now on.
Or at least listen to him.
Because I didn’t, and now I’m trapped in my own cellar, with nothing to do except count the forgotten moth balls.
I have to say, I’m kind of spoiled, looking at the dark, damp, floor the whole time.
I have something to eat, Robot Kyle refills my plate 3 times a day, and I also have a cup.
Don’t ask what he feeds me, I don’t know either.
Kind of looks like a leftover bean casserole. If it is, and I say if it is, then it would explain why I’m so gassy nowadays.
I can’t help thinking how Robot Kyle manages to be me, Kyle, and what he’s thinking right now, walking among humans and trying to act humanly.
It’s gotta be hard. Not every robot can walk among the enemy.
Hey, I wonder what he’s going to do to me!
Maybe take me, and throw me into some crevice, or maybe drown me.
Perhaps he’ll tickle me to death, reaching for my armpits and my neck.
I shudder just thinking about it.
Today Robot Kyle tried something different.
He gave me circuits and batteries.
And expected me to eat them.
Who knew robots could be dumb? He’s only feeding me these parts because he thinks that if I eat them, I’ll turn into a robot.
So I tell him that one can’t turn into another by eating another’s parts.
Now I think he’s actually thinking about killing me.
The locked cellar door unlocked, and for the first time in 12 hours, I got a hint of light. Hope filled my heart as the person who opened the door stepped in, not yet visible.
All that hope vanished when I saw that person was, yet again, the original Robot Kyle.
“It’s time to sleep,” he said in his usual plain voice.
“I don’t want to,” I say.
“You have to.”
He doesn’t answer.
“Answer me,” I demand.
“Then I won’t sl-“
He tasered me on the neck, and everything went black.

I am walking on a pathway through woods. Shadows danced along the trees, and it is very cold here.
Music and footsteps can be heard from a very close place, like I’m in a festival.
Laughter. Cheers. Happiness.
And very, very plain voices.
All of a sudden, they start chanting.
“Today we serve,
“Tomorrow we feast,
“These unknowing humans, they have nerve,
“And they are in for a treat”
They began a second verse.
“We have caught
“Our maker’s son,
“Now he’s a rag doll,
“And a really, really, limp one”
Something brushed my shoulder.
Slowly, I turned around...
And screamed.

I woke up with a start, and my first thought after the dream was, “Why a rag doll?”
My second was, “Feast? On what?”
My third one was, “TOMORROW?!?!?!?!”
We humans have much less time than we think.
Almost no time at all.
The attack will happen.
And I was to be turned into a rag doll.
What I saw and screamed at in my nightmare was a rag doll me.
With a sword stuck through my back, a noose around my neck.
And with blood pouring from my hair, stitch marks embedded on my hands and arms.
I was tortured.
I was right.
I would be tortured.
My fate awaits me.
Silently, waiting for me.
All I can do now is hope and pray someone’s going to find out, that Andrew manages to convince the world that the robots mean trouble. In time.
“Please, God, make this work. Don’t let your creations be destroyed. Save us.”

It's only ch. 17, but hope u like it!! kind of violent, but it marks the turning point!!

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