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Now, without further ado, let me present u a preview of my my collection of short stories!! my username for storybird is sparklingdog, and that's where u can find the rest of my collection :D


“You can do it Katherine!” My friends shouted.
“You can do it Katherine!” Their voices echoed in my head.
“Gooooooo Katherine!” They waved imaginary pom-poms in the air.
“Gooooooo Katherine!” Their images flashed in my mind.
But then... “BOOOOO Katherine!” Memories. Of me falling, being embarrassed, dying. I had died, vaporized, disappeared when I fell. I was nothing but air, wanting to start over again.
“Left hand on red, right hand on blue,” I thought, “Left foot on green, right foot on orange.” 20 feet up. Closer and closer to the part. The part where I fell, the part where I died. “Right foot on green, left foot on red. Left hand on blue, right hand on white.”
It didn’t matter.
I just had to get to the part, vanquish the enemy, wipe that grin off his face. I had to defeat the wall. That orange block. Smiling at me. I couldn’t see it yet, but I knew it was watching. Waiting. For me to fail again. I had trained, I knew I would make it.
30 feet.
40 feet.
50 feet.
60 feet.
Approaching the block.
70 feet.
and near the smiling block.
40 feet more.
Approaching the block.
“Passion,” I thought, “passion is the key. Have hope, Kath, have hope.”
“Teeth clenched, energy gathered at the foot and leg. Knees bent, body bent. Be flexible.”
And I did. I soared towards the block. And grabbed it. I sailed through the sky after that, seeing only easiness. “Right hand on white,” I thought, “left hand on blue, right foot on orange, left foot on red.”
I was past the 90 feet benchmark, sailing towards the 100.
Everything was going smoothly. A drone buzzed up, snapping pictures of me for the newspaper headlines. Loud cheering rose up from the ground, seconds after they actually cheered. My teacher’s voice rose the loudest. He was the closest thing I had to family now, as both my parents were in the sky, looking down at me.
I flew until the 190 feet, when I was sure the huge wall was laughing at me. I would go completely upside-down, horizontal with the world watching me at a different angle.
But I still had to try.
So I did.
And tried.
I grasped a block, then another, and climbed, focusing all energy into my fingers, my wrist, ignoring the searing pain in both my arms, ignoring the urge to give up.
I was completely upside-down now, almost sure I wouldn’t fall now.
And I didn’t. I just slipped. There was nothing I could do after I slipped. Everything was...hopeless.
Descending before you reach the end is the most painful part. You know you failed, so it is impossible to enjoy the view.
But once you get to the bottom of the wall, you know you conquered an enemy, at least one, because every block is an enemy. No matter the size, no matter the color, it is still an enemy.
So I didn’t cry when I saw my friends, I didn’t sob. I just stayed where I was, and waited for them.
“Great job,” They said, “You are going to be on tomorrow’s headlines!”
“Yes,” was all I replied, “Perhaps I will be.”
Because now I had conquered an old enemy, and have gotten a new one, one that would just challenge me later on.
But not today, today I will celebrate, cheer on the good spirits, chase away the bad ones.
Today, I’m going to be me.
Today, I’m going to be free.

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