We’ve talked before about what we know and don’t know about the Horizon survivors and their backstories. One thing we do know about all of them: They were on Horizon 16, so they must have gotten ready to travel. What did they pack? What did their families think about their upcoming trip? Where did they go on the last day before everything changed?

Write a scene that shows one or more of the characters on the day before the flight!


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i wanna read this seres so so bad

I actually entered a contest to win the first book :)

So hopefully i win it

im sorry to bother you about this Sarah but can you guys send an admin or mod to Minecraft forums because some ppl r spamming post and saying things like I'll be in your closet tonight.



Again sorry this had nothing to do with your post


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♥zœ ♥

Queen  of oreos


 dont play games with a girl who can play better

Perfectly imperfect ❤


the lost aren't lost until forgotten

when you have crazy friends you have crazy times

when words fail music speaks 




@Zoe: good luck!


one thing i do know is that kid--Owen? i think... his parents would've freaked out if he didn't come back... but Caleb's parents... would be crying...

Yoshi packed his katana, i think it's called...

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Call Me Destiny, Mai, Meanie, Dune, or Mina


A Warrior?

A Seeker?

A Fighter?

A Greencloak?

A Hero?

A Musician?

A Reader?

A Survivor?

A Challenger?

A Normal Girl?

A Human?








Turns out...


I'm all of them


And that's who I will always be...