I just got #3 at the book fair and I am super excited! Can I have a refresher on what happened previously?

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The Legend Of Zelda Rocks!!!!!!!!

Read more Spirit Animals, Wings of Fire, Warriors, and other great books!!!

Most Animals are great!! Love them all!!!

I LOVE MATH (and circles)




Oliver is missing, there appear to be more kids out there, Team Killbot crossed the Forest and Desert Landscapes on their way to the Villain's Building 

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  Chai @^@

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'The villain's building'? How do you know that some sort of villain is there? Oh, and Oliver isn't exactly missing, he showed up again sort of possessed by the little sand robots. Also, they left behind the second gravity device to stop a monster from escaping a metal cylinder. And there seem to be two different sides fighting over control over the rift: The creepy monster that they know about because Javi found the skeleton of one in another cylinder in a area that made whatever was in the area invisible, and whoever is in charge of the robots because they(through a possessed Oliver) warned the group about it. They figured out that in the rift red is good and green is bad. And Yoshi is starting to occasionally mistranslaqte, and Molly has superstrength in her infected shoulder.

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Wings of flame and Wings of storm


soon will return


the earth will shake


and the sky will churn


when Pyrhia will return















No one is pure evil